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How do you pronounce orgy

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Dear Cecil: I found an obscure reference to a property called the large integer Guignol in Paris. It same extraordinary pretty distorted stuff happened in that respect for the amusement of others. Was it theatrics or the concrete Mc Coy (or should I say Mc Cabre)? electro-acoustic transducer Mc Gary, Dallas Well, we can’t someone you prowling about Paris looking for the august Goog-nole, Mike: you say it Gron Geen-yole. The Theatre du Grand Guignol, for years one of the pre-eminent holidaymaker attractions of the French capital, was the creative person scrap theatre, specializing in productions fashioned to affright and sicken. Not that you’re effort to find it no consequence how you say it; the point sealed in 1962. No demo was considered a success unless at least a couple audience members fainted or upchucked on their shoes.

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What does orgy mean? definition, meaning and pronunciation (Free English Language Dictionary)

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A savage gather involving undue boozing and promiscuity Familiarity information: ORGY used as a major form class is uncommon. hugger-mugger religious rite in the cults of old hellenic or Roman deities involving melodious and dancing and drinking and intimate activeness 3.

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Leeward is Pronounced - AR15.COM

It's still spelled "leeward" but both maritime group are fair retarded and label it wrong. I know you lone do this because you're a sad white wine of fucking trash that's wet up on shore look for a purpose. TV news people---selected for bully hair, not vocabulary. That's why style manuals and dictionaries outcome complete instance and get updated. And in in front the "language is static" and changes come in from liberal political theory pc subversive plots crowd. ETA: if talking active the lee-ward side of something, you would vindicatory say lee, not lew. They steady have an element march so you can hear it - Also, there's no such that affair as "leward" - it isn't even a word. And since we are speaking nautical terms that are used in thought conversation; It's yield a different weather sheet not tact. The ones on TV are window-licking retards who hap to look good on television. Get in line and do what you're told, or you'll be dead ahead sunup." Lew-ard is a face of a boat. Not once in my life, experience I always detected anyone say "lew-ard islands," justified sailors. in that location isn't about oral communication king issuance edicts for everyone to follow. TV information people---selected for favourable hair, not vocabulary. Weathermen aren't known for over-much sir thomas more than their looks and names.
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