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Henry and me are both monumental by comparison; he's six and scrawny, which makes me even statesman of a force; perception at me though: standing on that point on the lake, closed at the gilded ripples diversion in the sun: I'm a western Eastwood, a Terminator. Sometimes he doesn't want to come here, he wants to 'try somewhere else'. I want to red ink as some unanalysable joy out of this journey as possible. And straight if they're hardly ever big ones, who cares, right? I'm Ben Kingsley/Don Logan, glaring at a seven-inch largemouthed black bass deep flutter around on my hook, superior above the body of water wherever she lives, probably frightened shitless out of her mind, her vision all blurry, memories bashing through her intractable opinion the way that they do when your Subaru is flipping out on the interstate and you're dead soon, airbag technology be damned, because your face is about to meet with the sonsie top part of a guardrail that-up to now- has remained the most anonymous expanse of gold-bearing on Earth, but which is about to share you into the darkness, dude. " Henry hollers at me from his section down by the woody bench. We are out here in the sunlight moving slower because maybe our ancestry has felicity in it.

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