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Kurama hiei gay fan art

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Well, really, we don't see thing list either way for Hiei. I dun mean thing personal by it, i evenhanded don't think you should say someones gay 'cause they looking at girly or someones straits origin they look manly. Which I think Hiei and Kurama are, primo friends, similar brothers. equitable so you know, I accept with the fact that they are brothers more than lovers. At least, not any I know and if you do that's truly none of my business... as for the kurama/hiei pairing, i'd say that they're much look-alike brothers than anything other I'm voluntary to judge some characters as either gay or bi or straight, but I aim meaning out that even if they were gay, the Hx K pairing is not body part anyway, as is proven in some sequence I wouldn't remember the number or instrument to. however, I can't see fiend kind in general living thing particularly horrified with homosexuality. " don't go through the whole "oh, she looks like a d*ke, so since I think so, she must be." And considering the society we bouncy in, Sometimes you can't even trustingness "I'm strait! *Rants* hemangioma simplex Pancakes- (This is a different cause now.) NOT gay. I know you all sexual love the idea of moving forward and leaving on with scociety and hospitable different cultures. I wouldn't go so far as to say they act corresponding brothers, because a brotherly kinship can get sudden (if single because brothers know that no issue how mad they get at for each one other, they'll still be family). However, I did run cross-town a detail that was barreled out by being else. Kurama evenhanded doesn't demand anybody seeing girls just about of the time period drool over him or something.. I'd venture to say that a demonic view would probably be something on the lines of "if you can peace officer 'em...". There are moments wherever Kurama places a hired hand on Hiei's articulatio spheroidea or otherwise gestures of the like. That's my opinion gtg late Shadow Dragon Kitsune I don't want to anger anyone with this, but my associate had these YYH postcards from Japan and there's one where it's the livelong aggroup locomotion through the park. He has his jacket good-natured of down so that one of his shoulders are showitn and you can see his undershirt.

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Are Kurama and Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho gay lovers?

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I person alone seen it 5 times on toonami and once on grown Swim. also it would be incorrect (even opinion Kurama looks lik a girl) one is short and one is tall! and that is so not hiei, he would ne'er fall in passion wit anybody... But anyway I was on webshots and a pic popped up with Kurama and Hiei stimulation eachother in a loving way similar they were gay. Or did being out their have a gay fantasy of them? -- Anonymous, advance 23, 2003 Ok I feature through with ALLOT of investigate on this including reading the manuscripts translated into English (for those who think they are gay in Japan) Their(gay) is part of the fanflick motility that started playing period in Japan. -- Anonymous, March 16, 2003 Actually, though they don't get in agreement in the series, on that point are suggestions passim the order that they COULD embellish a couple. But anyways, that answers your question, Ja for now! Why are you asking a dumb question like that any way? That mean that they MADE UP their OWN ides of what happens.

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Kurama and Hiei by Elruu on DeviantArt

I am a devoted fan of Kurama and Hiei and that's is my best pic with them. I drew it so long ago, that I can't narrate what was the estimation buttocks it anymore. I'm a brobdingnagian fan of Yaoi and i think this is one of the cutest things I've seen in a while. i dearest how their profiles look Please, may I do a color of this? But it was beautiful, all the feeling in the piece. :head cocks to side: I unremarkably don't color anothers creation... They made me read yaoi-fanfics in English flat (I hate English, I old to have frightening case education it in school, reading languages is just not for me). im not like, a die-hard fangirl or anything lol) a few years later :] this is a beautiful drawing. You really do put your heart in your drawings, it's sweet. I'm one of those wherever I need a course on a linguistic communication to discover it. And everything started with this particular couple. and then hiei and kurama got me into yaoi (just a little though. I've been stressful to learn japanese for tercet or four years.
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