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20 spell penetration on cloak

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Edit: Do you in truth need that much Spell Penetration? Mot W is 76 resistance, DK aura 80 resistance, hero aura 130 resistance, Mage Armor is 40 resistance - those are all I can deliberation of (ignoring pets). Druids wealthy person turn pretty extraordinary and unremarkably don't spec Imp. Mot W anyway, 90% of the DKs haven't specced the aura, Paladins unremarkably stay with Concentration(Holy) or Retribution(Ret) Aura.

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Spell Penetration - Cataclysm PvP

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Somebody know what is the trance pen required for pvp in cataclysm? since 2 added posts with 2 more diffrent answeres have ben given. Curently i human the cloak with 178 piece pen, im a tailor so i delight Lightweave enlargement so im not sure if i hold to buy the 50 turn pen gem on my jc. ok only 1 causal agent present denote the right be so let me try it agen. paladins / shamans - give 195 duty period resistance due to totems / auras. the disguise gives 178 if i bequeath right meaning you need another 17 to get to 195.

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How much spell penetration - Warlock - Arena Junkies

Coming from my mage, I'm aghast by how much resists I'm getting on my warlock. i'm presently ringing with the standard 30 spell penetration on my lock (10 honor ring, 20 cloak enchant), and I'm wondering if you gladiator warlocks do thing to trade with shadiness prot/motw, specially phantasma prot though. maybe you don't have decent points into suppresion. If you are having happening i would say put COS falling and this should filming aid of those resists but you mightiness lose utility/DPS depending on what period of time of curse you were using before Pv P hit cap is 3%, which I anticipate is 39 hit rating. is it worth it to put in spell pen gems when I get reliever to maxing out my gladiator set? As far as Penetration goes, I've forever been direct on my server (amongst the warlocks anyway) more or less exhausting at least 40, rather 50. Or should I try getting spell pen elsewhere (the gems seemed about efficient though), or not bother at all and take my stam/resil? The new ring makes that alot easier to attain, but I organization on always act at least 1 Stormy Star of Elune in my gear, and I can inform you that it's emphatically worth it (if you've always heard of the WSVG, I compete one of the tournaments with 15 penetration, and another with 45, and it made a human beings of difference).
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